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Snapup is a revolutionary way to shop for premium products, that leverages cryptocurrencies and the power of the community to make our customers save from 80% up to 90% on the retail price of the products they love and desire most!


Our mechanism is different from everything that came before us.
Takes the best from ideas that have already proven succesful in the past, Online Penny Auctions and GPOs, distrupts them with our revolutionary model based on meritocracy and brings them in the new era of the web!

SNAPCOIN Token Distribution


0 20,000,000


20,000,000 SNP




Depending on the Ethereum network traffic, figures may be delayed.


20,000,000 SNP
Bonus: 20%
Week 1
20,000,000 SNP
Bonus: 10%
Week 2
20,000,000 SNP
Bonus: 5%
Week 3
20,000,000 SNP
Bonus: 2%
Week 4
20,000,000 SNP
Bonus: 0%

Try the DEMO

Have a look at what we've been working very hard to build in the last 7 Months!

How does it work?

The purpose of the Demo is to showcase the way the platform works. You will be asked to register. The registration process is just one step: enter your email, type in your passowrd and username and you are good to go. A new account and a new wallet associated with your credentials will be created for you on the spot. We will use your email to keep you updated on the ICO, and on launch, you will already have your Snapup wallet in place.

What's up with the credit card details I am asked to enter?

To join snaps, you will have to pay an amount of Snapcoins. Of course your wallet will be empty upon creation. You can simulate a purchase on the topup section of the website. Use the following mock data in the forms:
CCN: 4111 1111 1111 1111 Valid Thru: 09/19 CVV: 123
By the way, your card won't be charged because the demo operates in a SANDBOX Environment. Credit card data is handled safely by Braintree. So even if you enter your credit card, the transaction will simply not occur. Feel safe to do whatever you want with the demo.

Will the products be shipped if I win a Snap?

No they won't. It's just a simulation. You are allowed to brag about it with your friends though ;)

Please Keep in mind that this is a DEMO, and still a work in progress! Some features may change in the final product. Remember to access it using a modern browser for an optimized experience; we suggest you use Google Chrome. Enjoy your tour!

Hey I'm Snappy! You've just seen my face on the coin! How cool is that, huh? Have a look around, and if you have questions feel free to join our official Slack Channel!




Download our Whitepaper and in minutes you'll know all the ins and outs of how we will make money together in this rapidly changing market.


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Our Team

Ours is a dedicated team of experts who have worked together and known eachother for years now.
We are all long term oriented and committed on bringing true innovations in this market;
and have both the technical skills and the will, as well as the business acumen, necessary to succeed.
We are glad you've taken your time to visit our website, so let's get to know eachother a little bit!

Alessio Cozzolino

Co-founder & CEO
Chief Infrastructure Architect, Lead Developer and CEO.
5+ years experience as a Software Engineer and Cluster Administrator.

Carmine Cozzolino

Co-founder & COO
20+ Years Experience as a Consultant in the Banking, Insurances and Financial world. Senior Vice President and Board Director.

Patrick Jusic

Software Engineer
Senior Undergraduate in IT Engineering and Automation.
Full Stack & Blockchain Developer, Robotics and industrial automation background.

Loris Rossi

Software Engineer
Senior Undergraduate in IT Engineering and Automation.
Full Stack & Blockchain Developer, Cybersecurity & AI Enthusiast.

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